23 February 2023

Interdisciplinary Collaborations

Many of the ROCS December meeting’s participants at Reykholt, Iceland
Many of the ROCS December meeting’s participants at Reykholt, Iceland

ROCS Meeting Successfully Converges Ongoing Research and Solidifies Interdisciplinary Collaborations

In December, the ROCS team met with close collaborators to discuss preliminary findings and continue to weave the fabric of interdisciplinary outcomes fundamental to the centre’s overarching aim. The meeting took place in the frosty winter setting of Reykholt in rural West Iceland and brought together Danish and Icelandic postdocs, researchers, and collaborators who, for two days, participated in sessions, presentations, deliberations, and brainstorming across a wide span of fields and topics. Along with a plethora of interesting discussions and insights were presentations on oceanic regime shifts across time, marine phytoplankton as indicators of climate change in Iceland, how tephra constrains natural and anthropogenic changes in postglacial Icelandic lakes, navigating the networks of Blue Humanities, how oceans are archives for integrated heritage, archaeological records in Iceland, tephrochronology, and diversity of life.

The meeting indicated how ROCS research on the ocean, climate, and society shows robust progress with interesting outcomes emerging from its research. The projected outcomes are, not least, a result of the high level of interdisciplinarity, which, as the meeting participants agreed, is carefully attended to by ROCS.