30 March 2023

ROCS postdocs in podcast eposide about transdisciplinary collaborations

Image from podcast studio

How do scientific collaborations really work? ROCS postdocs discuss issues and opportunities of transdisciplinary collaborations in recent podcast episode

Researchers at ROCS truly embrace the interdisciplinary nature of the centre's project to create unique understandings of the world’s pasts and present for the benefit of the future. Traversing different fields and entwining multiple threads of study yields valuable insights into a world that has never obeyed the boundaries between fields of science. Yet, as ROCS postdocs Arndís Bergsdóttir, Kirstine Drumm, and Rebecca Jackson found, the road to productive collaborations that truly entwine diverse sciences, different research methods, and scientific traditions does not come without challenges. Furthermore, the challenges and opportunities that come with grounded collaborations are rarely discussed.

To open and share these urgent conversations Arndís, Rebecca, and Kirstine, whom all come from vastly different fields, met at GRØN’s studio, where they recorded a podcast episode and asked: How do scientific collaborations really work? Is crossing disciplinary boundaries as easy as it sounds?

The full podcast episode is available on Spotify. Click the link to listen https://open.spotify.com/show/7eQeNCjwgtPzflnWNanK26?si=e4c34fec6f4b4895