An Investment in Partnerships

ROCS has two overarching goals. The first is, to carry out research at the forefront of knowledge concerning the interactions between climate, nature, and people. The second is to nurture the long-standing tradition of research collaboration between academics from Iceland and Denmark.  

All of the research activities of the Centre are built on collaboration of researchers from both countries. Thus, ROCS invests directly in strengthening current and developing new research partnerships between the two countries.

Just as important, however, is ROCS’ investment in the continuation of Icelandic-Danish research collaboration into the future. To this purpose, the Centre’s salary monies are being used for the employment of post-doctoral researchers. These post-docs are hosted by the Universities of Iceland and Copenhagen and, as part of their employment, they are expected to spend time doing research in both countries. By applying this employment strategy, ROCS is investing in the creation of a network of young researchers from the two countries who will, hopefully, carry the tradition of Icelandic-Danish research collaboration into the future.

Another major thrust of the ROCS strategy is to create a research team comprised of the strongest possible competences within the many disciplines required to achieve the Centre’s vision. This means that researchers from many different institutions are a part of the ROCS research team. Thus, the Centre is stimulating partnerships between groups at many different institutions.

Finally, part of the ROCS vision is that the Centre can provide a virtual meeting place for an even larger network of interested researchers by hosting both physical and on-line seminars and workshops on topics relevant for ROCS research.